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Hey, stranger. I'm Xavier (say "​​​​​​ZAV-yeah").
It's good to meet you !

I'm a local. I was born in Luxemburg and grew up in what is called the Greater Region. I lived in the french, german and luxemburgish part of it, and I speak the four most common languages needed here.

I spent the last few years rambling about the region, hiking across the country, running in all sorts of competitions from local 10k's  to a couple of marathons or trails. I even walked along the borders of Luxembourg !

I love to show people around and make them discover new places. I am constantly exploring new corners of what I thought I already knew well ! There is a lot to be seen and done in our small area that so many of us miss out on at first glance, and I believe I am well suited to show you around if you let me.

Have a look at my blog to see where I've been recently and what I am up to next. Get in touch if you want to be part of the adventure. Book a tour  and let me share my enthusiasm.

Join me on an exploration day soon. I am looking forward to meeting you.