Lux InsideOut
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A run through the City

We will start from your pick up spot of choice.

From there, the tour will take one of many different routes and the times will vary.

You may want to run for half an hour or a full hour, or a little more.

You may want to learn about History or enjoy panoramic views. You may want to go run in a nearby forest or a parc, or along the City's fortress walls. You may want to keep it flat or challenge yourself with the many staircases and roads uphill to be found everywhere.

Whatever the case, I have you covered.

I will tailor the routes according to your needs, desires and physical condition.

A very rewarding tour that may or may not include running through a forest, bridges, rivers, a former prison, parcs, a Vauban fortress, and more !

This tour works for Nordic Walking as well. 

 Information and booking